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Why choose our college?

De La Salle College Ashfield has a proud Lasallian tradition of over 100 years of producing young men of exceptional character, and has developed leaders in the fields of academia, arts, business, media and sport.

With a distinct focus on the holistic education of young men in a caring community, the college utilises teacher engagement and commitment to individualised learning in offering academic, sporting, cultural, spiritual and social justice opportunities that enable young men to find their passion and become the best men they can be Esto Vir!

Principal’s Message

A commitment to producing the ‘best men – ESTO VIR’!

It is a great privilege to be the 22nd principal of De La Salle College Ashfield. Established in 1916 in the tradition of Saint John Baptist De La Salle, the college has a proud 100 year tradition of producing young men of exceptional character. As a Catholic community nurtured by the love of God, and inspired by Jesus Christ, our mission is to cultivate a spirit of family where students are ‘brothers’ to one another, and each young man is valued and appreciated for his unique gifts.

Saint John Baptist De La Salle committed his life to providing a quality Christian education to the young men of his time. De La Salle College Ashfield honours this commitment with a contemporary focus on excellence in teaching and learning, a comprehensive co-curricular program and a proactive, positive approach to wellbeing that enables young men to find their passion and prepare them to make an impact in their world. 

With a distinct focus on the holistic education of young men in a caring community, the college has a proud history of developing leaders in the fields of faith, academia, arts, business, media and sport. We believe that an academically rigorous, spiritually challenging and physically engaging education, develops young boys into men of action, compassion, integrity and self-discipline so that they may live the college motto of ‘ESTO VIR’ – to be the best man you can be.

As a father of three sons and a lifelong educator, I am passionate about working with young men to build lives of faith, passion, purpose and service. I am committed to working with you, your sons and our wonderful staff to enhance the tradition of this outstanding Lasallian community.


Paul Forrester

De La Salle College Ashfield Principal

De La Salle College Ashfield HistoryHistory

In 1916, the foundation stones were laid for a small school consisting of three classrooms and six De La Salle Brothers, who began their task of educating Catholic boys from the Ashfield parish. By mid-1917, there were one hundred boys enrolled at the college in primary classes, as well as in the first years of secondary school.

Charism – A Lasallian School

De La Salle College Ashfield is part of a worldwide Lasallian family which consists of over 900 centres of education, research and innovation. Lasallian works are found in over 82 countries with 5,000 brothers and 60,000 lay partners catering for over one million students.

Saint John Baptist De La Salle was canonised in 1900 and proclaimed the Patron Saint of Teachers in 1950. Lasallians continue to be inspired by the founder through his innovative pedagogy and spirituality. In the words of our founder ‘To touch the hearts of the children entrusted to your care is the greatest miracle you can perform and one that God asks of you since this is the purpose of your work’.

The college aims to uphold the five core principles of Lasallian schools; faith in the presence of God, a quality education, respect for all persons, concern for the poor, belief in social justice and an inclusive community. These principles are required for the school to be considered an authentic Saint John Baptist De La Salle school.

Today, the Lasallian traditions remain at the heart of the college and are highly valued by the whole school community. The college employs a Lasallian youth minister, develops senior students to be Lasallian youth leaders, organises national and international outreach immersions to Lasallian communities and involves the students in many Lasallian activities and traditions to enrich the faith and educational experience of our young men.

De La Salle College Ashfield MissionOur Vision – To be the best man you can be. Esto Vir!

Inspired and animated by Jesus Christ, De La Salle College Ashfield is a Catholic college in the Lasallian tradition.

Our vision is to provide young men with a Christian education through a commitment to:

  • excellence in teaching and learning
  • pastoral care within our community
  • extensive co-curricular opportunities.

In a caring and supportive community, we strive to nurture young men of faith, action and compassion who will make a difference in our world and who are inspired to practice their faith, work for justice and serve others. 

Our Mission

De La Salle College Ashfield is a Christian community which provides quality educational opportunities for its students. In the spirit of stewardship our young men are challenged and supported to reach their full potential in the traditions of Saint John Baptist De La Salle.

  • Our college is a Catholic community nurtured by the love of God, inspired by Jesus Christ and committed to the Gospel. 
  • Our college is a family of students who are ‘brothers’ to one another, whereby each member is valued and appreciated for his unique gifts. 
  • Our college is a centre that strives for academic excellence and caters for a wide range of students’ talents and needs.
  • Our college is a place of partnership between staff, parents, pupils, parish and the wider community. 
  • Our college is a community where excellent pedagogical practice, quality facilities and ‘state of the art’ resources, are available to ensure that a student achieves their potential.
  • Our college promotes inclusion and the development of the whole person through academic rigor, pastoral care, social justice, sport and co-curricular activities.
  • Our college is a multicultural community where respect and responsibility for the individual and society is essential to promote understanding, tolerance and integrity.
  • Our college actively promotes service to the poor and the disadvantaged in our own community, and in the wider community.

De La Salle College AshfieldDe La Salle College Ashfield works in partnership with St Vincent’s parish to develop our student’s knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith. St Vincent’s church is the centre of significant celebrations of the Catholic Church and for our college through participation in the Eucharist for Feast Days and special occasions such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Regular Mass is held each term where the schools of the Ashfield precinct come together as one community to celebrate their faith.

Contact Details
St Vincent’s Parish
12 Bland Street Ashfield NSW 2131
Phone: (02) 9798 2501
Email: vinstaff@vinash.org.au

Parish Priest
Father Joti Bilowalu CM

Mass Times
Saturday: 9.00am
Saturday Reconciliation: 8.10–8.40am
Sunday: 8.00am, 10.00am, 6.00pm Polish Mass: 12.00pm
Monday: 12.00pm
Tuesday: 7.00am
Wednesday: 12.00pm
Thursday: 9.00am

Cardinal Freeman Village Chapel
Masses at 9.00am on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays

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Proudly Part of the Community of Sydney Catholic Schools

Our school is part of a system of over 150 low-fee Catholic schools in the Sydney Archdiocese.

Sydney Catholic Schools are thriving Catholic communities that ignite a love of Christ through excellent teaching and learning to empower students to reach their full potential.

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